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  Although interested in art all my life, only in the last 19 years have I taken it up seriously with the encouragement of my husband Jim. I am a member of Kettering & District Art Society and involved with Northampton Open Studios. I have attended various evening classes and the occasional painting holiday. John Frederick Black RA,  founder of the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists,  has been the inspiration for myself and many others. I have been a member of the FPAA for a number of years, gaining my FPAA Diploma in 2010. 


2011 saw me taking a studio in Barton Hall in Kettering until it was sold as a hotel the following year. Working with other artists gave me added inspiration and perspective and it gave me a buzz being there. Since then I have returned to my very small studio at home. It's quite a challenge if I want to work on a large picture. I'm quite diverse, both in subject and media, and prolific in my production of pictures, many of them being commissions. I can have as many as  six in progress at any one time. It's nice to know that my paintings are in other countries including Cyprus, Japan, Spain, Norway, the USA and Canada.


As an Arthritis sufferer I find that art distracts me and listening to classical music helps me relax and go with the mood. I have to pace myself as I soon tire and neck, arms and fingers become stiff and sore.